The Official New Year’s Eve Fashion Guide

The Fashion Lowdown with Press & PR Manager, Jane.

With it being T-3 days to Christmas Day, we all know that New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, meaning that we are all running out of time to find THAT perfect outfit to see out the party season in style. Fear not, however, because LRFS is here to save the day with outfit inspo that will have you entering the new year looking and feeling great.

Following the immense theme reveal of LRFS 2019, I felt inspired to provide you with NYE ensembles as though they came fresh from the minds of Blake, Picasso, Dali, Monet and Warhol themselves.


Originating in the Nineteenth Century, Romanticism was a movement in both art and literature which emphasised ‘a new interest in human psychology, expression of personal feeling and interest in the natural world‘.

I wanted to focus on soft looks, something which would embody the concept of ‘true beauty’ and look delicate.

Elegant is the best way to describe this outfit. The satin material accompanied by the soft blush colour helps to create a memorable and refined look. This dress is perfect for any formal occasion and, the best part is, it comes in an array of colours. Paired with some simple heels and diamond earrings, this look will see you playing the role as the ethereal beauty you’ve always known yourself to be.

If you are looking for something a little more practical but still as delicate, this dress may be for you. Nothing says festive more than velvet, and the soft blush and blossoms make it the perfect winter-spring transition dress. Lean right into the beauty of nature with this sartorial embodiment of romanticism.


Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque were the fathers of this movement which focuses on ‘representing reality’ in different ways through exploring different angles and viewpoints. Through this ‘revolutionary’ approach, paintings often appeared to be ‘fRAGmented and abstracted‘.

When looking for outfits inspired by the Cubism movement, I focused not only on different patterns but also the cut and the style of the piece of clothing as well. Let’s say, timeless pieces with a unique twist.

What I love most about this dress is that, although it is meant to be oversized, it still really compliments the figure. I feel this dress embodies the concept of Cubism through not only its checked pattern but also its added details such as the ribbon on the sleeves and skirt. These help to add another dimension to the overall look, making this dress the perfect NYE party outfit for all you maximalists out there. Paired with some heels and some nice long earrings, you will be ready to dance straight through to 2019.

If this doesn’t perfectly represent everything about the Cubism approach stands for, I don’t know what does. This jumpsuit looks like it is a piece of artwork itself through its incorporation of portraits and interesting patterns. Perfect for a classy drinks affair, this cubist inspired look will make everyone else look like squares.


Surrealism came about during the twentieth-century and ‘explored the workings of the mind, championing the irrational, the poetic and the revolutionary’.

Whilst looking for outfits inspired by ‘Surrealism’, I focused on outfits which were unique in cut, shape or style. Something that would make people look twice.

What drew me to this dress is the fact that so much is going on that you don’t know where to focus on first, a bit like surrealist art. There’s the gorgeous gold floral detailing, the solo sleeve and, if that wasn’t enough, the slit on the skirt makes for a sexy and glamorous look.

Everyone will be mesmerised by this gorgeous number. A simple dress is made so much more exciting with its unusual cut, guaranteed to make for a sexy entrance to any NYE party. The glitter adds glamour, making it absolutely perfect for the New Year celebrations.


A movement developed in France, Impressionism focuses on ‘painting on the spot’. Its main subjects are scenes of everyday life and landscapes. A real emphasis on the natural and true beauty of the world.

For this, I was really inspired by the idea of ‘everyday life’. What better way to represent this concept than by focusing on fashion trends of 2018. These outfits are perfect for those who want prefer a more casual look and want to buy something which they can wear on the daily.

Simple yet effective, buckle straps have been a super hot trend this year. This gorgeous denim dress has a casual feel to it but the buckle detailing adds some utilitarian chic. Matched with a fur coat and heeled boots, this dress can easily create a showstopper of an outfit. You’ll undoubtedly be returning to this dress all through 2019.

You can’t deny that 2018 was the year animal print made a true comeback. What better way to represent the concept of ‘everyday life’ than by donning the hottest trend of this year. What makes this outfit great is its easy and versatile vibe that can be easily elevated to girly-safari-glam. Dress it up by adding heels or dress it down by replacing the crop top with a structured tee. This two piece is sold separately so you have the perfect opportunity to mix and match and incorporate any other trends you have been loving this year.

Pop Art 

The Pop Art movement burst onto the scene in the 1950s and grew rapidly in the 1960s. Drawing its main inspiration from ‘commercial culture’, this art movement focuses on the vibrant and colourful, whilst making bold and exciting statements.

When I think Pop Art, I think vibrant bursts of colour. Outfits which are a bit out there and automatically grab people’s attention. These outfits will definitely allow you to do that…

Enter the New Year with a splash of colour and sparkle. Here you can combine the perennial festive favourite (sequins) with the anticipation of the greatest gift 2019 will offer us (a Spice Girls’ reunion). This stunning sequin cami dress definitely gives off a fun vibe. This number would be great for the clubs, a party or a cocktail bar.

This may not be the usual choice for a New Year’s Eve outfit but it is perfect for those who live to take risks with their style. First, the colours of this dress scream pop art, and the cut of the dress gives off this really cool, creative and quirky vibe. Although this dress is probably not suitable if you are hitting the town, it is a great option for a family party or if you are going to a nice cocktail bar. If you want to make a lasting artistic statement, this is for sure the dress for you.

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