What do you need to know when meeting with Indians

There are several national characteristics that you need to know about before you start looking for single indian men. We will talk about this in this article.

Hindus save on everything

If the vacuum cleaner works for you, but does not pull, it makes no sense to explain that another is needed: “This one works!” An Indian will never buy a new thing while the old one is working, moreover, he will also take it for repair, even if you can see it that incense is breathing. And if it cannot be repaired, he will exchange it with a surcharge for a new one. In India, this is widely practiced.

However, they willingly spend money on gold. Tours are also not very popular, and then inside the country, but to go to a very distant relative for a wedding by train for 8 hours is a holy thing. Moreover, the organizers of the wedding rent apartments or some room in the hotel, it may well be even without decoration, rent mattresses on which you don’t know how many people slept, throw them right on the floor in rows and guests stay there for a couple of nights. And indeed, some Indians sleep on the floor, even who have beds, apparently the habit has remained from the time when there were no beds. Although they say that it is so useful.

Most families save even on food, do not buy any overseas products, eat only traditional food. And here it is not a matter of greed, but a scrupulous attitude to money, they treat them very respectfully and each rupee is money for them. Therefore, they will weigh a million times before you buy and buy something, only if you really need to. That is their plus, Indians, with rare exceptions, boast of earned money. Asking how much it costs is not decent. But, if you still ask, they will surely say that it is very cheap and they will lie about the price. To not be envied!

If you want to meet single indian women then be prepared for problems with their prejudices. For them, astrology is the basis of life. Not a single Hindu lives without a personal astrologer. And everyone absolutely believes in it. This is science! And, God forbid, you will begin to joke on this subject, they will be offended. Without a resume by an astrologer, neither a wedding, nor a major transaction, nor a trip will take place. It all depends on the craziness, someone addresses – more often, someone – less.

Also, almost every Indian carries rings with stones on his hands

As a rule, the rings are of poor quality, as this is handmade, but the rich can also find beautiful rings. But the meaning of the rings is not in the decor, so no one cares about the appearance. It’s all about the effect of the stone on you and your destiny. Absolutely everyone believes in it. So if the Guru says that you need to wear some kind of stone, you will have to wear it, even if you do not like it. Relatives will not leave you alone, and you don’t want to upset anyone?

There are no non-religious people in India. Muslims, Hindu, Punjabi, Catholics, Buddhists, Sikhs and others – all live nearby. But there is no open hostility. Religious holidays are a holy thing, so if any Hindu festival begins, no one goes to work. During September-October almost every week there is one day off in honor of different gods, and there are many of them in the Indian religion. On holidays, temples are visited, it is better every day. They also pray in offices during such festivals. By the way, in India, many offices have a six-day work week. Hindus get up early, at 6, and even at 5 in the morning, take a shower, pray. Each house has a room, or place, such as a small temple, where Indians pray while sitting, called Puja. Then they have breakfast and go to work, dropping into the temple on the way.

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