How To Judge The Quality Of Leather

High-quality leather is not only attractive and durable but it also gets better looking with age.

Low-quality leather, however, is another story altogether. Not only does it lack the durability of higher quality leather but it also has a tendency to become worn over time. When shopping for leather clothing or furniture, keep these tips in mind to judge the quality of the leather.

One of the best ways to identify real leather is by the way that it smells. Faux leather has a smell that is similar to plastic. Low-quality real leather will usually smell like the chemicals that were used to treat it while high-quality leather has a pleasant, earthy smell. When you can’t tell whether or not an item is made out of high-quality leather by sight, the way that it smells can often give you a clue as to its quality.

When you are checking labels, look for items that are labeled as being full-grain leather. This is the highest quality leather available. Use caution if the label says something along the lines of “made using full-grain leather”, however. This type of ambiguous phrasing could indicate that only a portion of the item was made with full-grain leather, with another portion of the item being made out of lower-quality materials.

The term “genuine leather” can be a bit confusing, as well. Although it does indicate that the item is made out of real leather, it is usually the lowest quality leather available.

If possible, check to see if there is a bluish tint around the outer edge of the leather. If so, the leather was not allowed to tan correctly. Beware of items that have leather with painted edges, as well. Oftentimes, manufacturers will try to hide the blue color of the edges with paint. Because of that, items with painted edges are usually made of low-quality leather.

You can also use the overall quality of the item to judge the quality of the leather. Typically, items made out of high-quality leather will have beautiful stitching, high-quality hardware, and very few flaws. If you’re interested in quality leather check out Baltic Domini shop here

The feel of the leather can also help indicate its quality. It should be soft and supple rather than hard or stiff. In terms of its appearance, it should be relatively free of blemishes and shouldn’t have any marks that make it look like it was made by a machine.

Finally, the price is also usually a good indicator of the quality of the leather. Items made out of high-quality leather are usually much more expensive than those made out of low-quality leather. If you want to get the best quality, you need to be prepared to pay a higher price.

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