Fashion Trends & Tips to Try for Shorter Women

I don’t mean to be insulting or offensive with my article title. In fact, you’ll find that I stand tall at only 157cm – which is barely 5 foot 3 inches! Maybe I have a complex, or I as I like to think of it, I will not compromise on my level of style just because I’m not a tall goddess who will pull of any and every look so effortlessly. No. I will not let that happen.

I may be shorter than average but there are plenty of trends that look as flattering on vertically challenged women like me and I’m here to share those with you. So, read this with an open mind and don’t take this as an insult. We work with what our mommas gave us.

Fashion & Styling Tips for Short Women

1. Compact handbags or smaller purses

The smaller purse is coming back into trend and lucky for us! These styles look great on us because we’re equally proportioned. Sometimes, an oversized tote might just drown us and let’s face it – that’s not an ideal look. Invest in some smaller purses and work it girl. I have a few myself in neutral tones.

2. Peplum tops

I love the peplum and once went into a craze where I only bought peplum designed tops and dresses! It was a little excessive I admit. But boy did these do wonders for creating the illusion of height. Make sure you to buy ones that sit at your waist.

3. Cropped jackets

These just work for us and you can pull them off with any outfit. An oversized jacket can drown us and just mess with our proportions, so I try to go for ones that end at the waist when possible. This is different to the blazer – don’t get us wrong. You can still wear longer blazers, but for a fashion trend – the cropped jacket is tres chic.

4. High-waisted anything

I’m all for this look. I have high-waisted dresses (empire waist), skirts, pants, jeans.. it elongates my legs and makes me look a ton taller. I’ve receive comments when people tell me I look taller in my photos than I do in real life. Thanks…. I guess?

5. Love your heels

So great for giving us that added boost of height. I love the wonders a good pair of heels can do for me. Although my feet don’t always thank me for it so I’m quick to make sure my heels are comfortable and won’t break my back. But if you aren’t into heels, pointed toe flats are great for elongating your legs OR there’s the wedge option.

6. Wear black!

Aside from black being slimming, it also gives you a streamlined elongated look. There’s a reason black is my favourite colour.

Above all, have confidence and work your style!

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