And dreams became reality

To achieve their goals, athletes, especially bodybuilders and athletes, take the most daring and dangerous steps. They spend days flying in the gym, make up a strict diet, changing it every certain time, scheduling every meal.

Pharmaceuticals does not stand still, and after a certain period new, more effective drugs for everything and everything are born. There are situations when drugs show their other properties, which can cure a person from other diseases. One of these pharmaceuticals is Dbol (aka methane and methandrostenolone).

Dbol is a drug that allows bodybuilders and athletes to build muscle mass. methandrostenolone actively affects the protein metabolism in the body, is used in strength sports (boxing, wrestling, armwrestling, wrestling, and so on). Many years ago, methandrostenolone was used as a tonic for women. Also, this drug was an excellent remedy for burns.

This pharmaceutical product is administered orally. There are two forms of preparation of the drug – injection and tablets. Pills are more popular, injections are used in special cases. Unfortunately, this medication is banned in many countries. The main and most famous country distributing this drug is Moldova. But it will not be difficult for you to buy a product in online stores. One of these stores is:. The price of a product is different everywhere.

What made methandrostenolone so famous?

Dbol is the most effective drug that promotes rapid weight gain. Protein synthesis in the body improves. In athletes, it clearly increases appetite, which leads to a rapid increase in mass. In turn, the skeletal system, joints and ligaments of a person are strengthened. The physical indicators of bodybuilders and athletes are noticeably growing. It promotes the burning of subcutaneous fat, but in small quantities. More useful information about dbol here

How to take Methandrostenolone (Dbol)? 

It is recommended to start taking Dbol with the smallest doses – doses – 25-50 mg per day. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the course is individual for each person. But such experienced athletes as bodybuilders, athletes, powerlifters quite often increase the norm to 150-200 mg per day. The daily dose is divided into two doses: morning and evening intake. The course lasts on average up to six weeks. In the seventh week, the body’s receptors become accustomed to methandrostenolone and do not work as before. Therefore, it is worth taking a break literally six weeks later and after that continue using them again.

Dbol is perfectly combined with other drugs. One of the successful combinations is Danabol (20-50 mcg per day) and Sustanon (Testosterone) (250-500 mg per week) + Deca (250 mg per week). This scheme, proven by many bodybuilders and works without any hesitation. With this combination, you can build up to 16 kilograms of muscle mass.

Methandrostenone works well with other pharmaceutical steroids, especially AAC. But let us draw your attention to the fact that when using Dbol with a 17-alpha alkaline steroid in conjunction with steroids of the same structure, it causes enormous damage to your health, especially the liver.

Dbol side effects

Like any pharmaceutical steroid, methandrostenolone has side effects. Basically, they occur when the daily intake of the drug is exceeded and in its aromatization. Dbol has a high aromatization of the drug, the appearance of a huge amount of water in the body. It can also convert to estrogens (female hormones that contribute to the appearance of body fat). In order to avoid this process, Proviron or Nolvadex should be taken. Dbol has a huge effect on the liver, so be careful with dosages. After the end of taking this famacefic drug, the athlete noticeably loses muscle mass and strength, since water disappears from the body.

This pharmaceutical product is approved by adults.

The market for sports pharmacology is constantly replenished with new names of drugs, which are quickly becoming in demand among buyers. At the same time, there are proven substances that have earned respect among experienced bodybuilders. 

These include methane tablets, which are used by athletes to increase the effectiveness of their workouts. To make the right choice, it is enough to pay attention to the properties of the drug, its dosage and other features of the administration.

The price of Dbol remains minimal, which allows you to quickly increase body weight, as well as improve appetite and gain extra strength before starting workouts. This effect is associated with increased production of protein in the body, which is carried out by taking the drug. 

Subject to the recommendations, as well as correct exercise and proper nutrition, the methane course in just a month can provide an increase of up to 11 kg of muscle mass.

Quality drugs and high efficiency

The price of Dbol remains low, which allows everyone to check its effectiveness. If you decide to order this product, then keep in mind that it will help you get raw muscle mass, since fluid accumulates during the intake process. Water leaves the body only after the completion of the course. Therefore, it is better to buy Dbol at the stage of weight gain, and not to work out the relief of the muscles.

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