TOP fashion magazines of the world

Of course, glossy publications have long been firmly established in the life of modern women. And this is understandable, because by acquiring a timely fashion magazine, you can get acquainted with the trends of the fashion Olympus in a matter of minutes, regarding the choice of clothes, shoes, cosmetics and other things. It is simply very convenient, from one edition to draw a lot of new, relevant season information! An example of such a journal is this one Today we will look at the best fashion magazines that are in incredible demand among women of different age categories.

List of popular fashion magazines

  1. Cosmopolitan. Now this magazine is known worldwide. Well, its foundation was in the distant 1886. Initially, it was positioned as a literary publication, but in 1965 it was first published in the variation “exclusively for girls”. The “birthplace” of this major journal is considered to be the United States. Cosmopolitan successfully owns 63 publications worldwide, published in 34 different languages, and also has sales success in 111 countries around the globe! In addition to fashion, you can find articles on other equally relevant topics, such as tips on caring for health, recommendations for career growth, etc.
  2. Elle. Magazine got its sonorous title according to the translation. The fact is that “Elle” from French means nothing more than the word “she”. It was founded in 1945, by a couple of spouses – Helene and Pierre Lazareff. This magazine is not new to mixing brands with affordable prices and luxury ones, because they directly adhere to the principle of “Mix and match”. It is known that about 800,000 readers in more than 60 countries of the world study the publication on a permanent basis. At the moment, the editor of the main French version of the magazine is Françoise-Marie Santucci.
  3. Vogue. This fashion magazine began its existence in 1892. This is one of the oldest magazines in the world, if not the most. The magazine was founded by Arthur Baldwin Turnure in the form of a print edition. Since 1988, and even to this day, Anna Wintour has been the editor.
  4. Marie Claire. The birthplace of the magazine is France, in 1937. But at some point due to the German occupation, it was ceased to be issued, however, as well as many other publications. True, then the publication survived and began to print again in 1954. This date is considered the birthday of this magazine. Nowadays, Arnaud de Contades is the editor of the French version of Marie Claire.
  5. Harper’s Bazaar. First time magazine published in the United States of America. Each year the circulation exceeds 700,000 copies. Articles are published on the themes of fashion and design. The lead editor is Gland Bailey. Harper’s Bazaar is successfully sold in 32 countries.
  6. L’Officiel. The magazine has been published in France since 1921. Not many people know, but famous designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior were introduced to the world by this edition. You can get acquainted with this magazine in more detail at the link
  7. W. Founded back in 1971, it was then that the first pilot issue was printed. The magazine is owned by Condé Nast, and the post of chief editor is Stefano Tonchi. It is noteworthy that the publication is aimed at women with incomes above average and at the same time is one of the best-selling magazines.
  8. Vanity Fair. This magazine began to be published every month in the distant in 1895. The pilot version of the magazine was published in 1859. At the moment, it is one of the largest fashion-related magazines with an annual release of at least 900,000 copies. The post of chief editor is occupied by Graydon Carter. This edition each year organizes the Oscar.
  9. Glamor. This American gloss has been published since 1939, and used to be called Glamor of Hollywood. The editor of the main American version of the publication is Cynthia Leyv. More than 2,000,000 copies of the magazine are issued annually.

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