DevOps tools

By itself, a set of practices called DevOps includes several dozen different tools. To date, the list of these tools includes the following options:

  • Code – a set of useful tools that are used as basic ways to analyze code in a program;
  • Build – a set of tools you can use to get a huge amount of information concerning the integration of one program element into another, as well as to get the status of the build;
  • Test – a package of programs for comprehensive study of intermediate versions or a ready product. In this case, these tools include a variety of options aimed at testing the program under different loads.
  • For creating intermediate versions, a tool called Package is suitable. In this case, the package includes a set of artifacts and automatic installation of the application. With this set of programs, you can create all sorts of conditions under which the main product will be distributed to the end user’s personal computers or cell phones.
  • Release is another software package that allows you to manage changes in the finished product. The most interesting thing is that this includes software packages designed to set up the release and approval of certain batches.
  • To manage configurations, you need to set up the infrastructure. The software package of the same name is needed to put a certain communication between the elements of production. Everything associated with this can be used as basic tools to implement a number of ideas related to laying the infrastructure.
  • And finally, this includes monitoring, entirely designed for debugging errors, the use of the finished product, as well as the creation of various conditions for its operation. This may include various tests and other synthetic tools to determine the effectiveness of the program.

The main benefits of DevOps

There are many advantages of using DevOps. For example, practice has shown that this set of actions allows to automate and optimize production so that all these manipulations do not touch the process of creating the final product itself. At the same time, DevOps architecture allows developers to experiment with various details and system elements, thereby not limiting developers in the flight of creative thought. It is now much easier to develop final products than it was before. Actually devops transformation is not a simple process, but if you will use some professional services, you can really get the best results.

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