Platinum, Silver, and Gold: Which is Best?

What’s better, silver, gold, or maybe platinum? Let’s start with what we want and how we’re going to use it. If we’re talking about engagement rings, the most important things about them are durability, comfort and, for some people, hypoallergenicity. We are not discussing design issues or talking about round 3 stone engagement rings right now, but we will look solely at the technical characteristics of the metal they are made of.

So engagement rings are worn around the clock and for decades – so they should be durable, comfortable on the fingers and not create discomfort. If you look closely at what goes into a wedding ring you understand how important the alloy they are made of is – they haven’t been taken off for years, they touch metal door handles, cars and concrete walls dozens of times a day, they get dragged around by bags and briefcases, guys pull iron with them in the gym, and they get hurt by girls in terms of makeup. No piece of jewelry gets so much stress. So let’s look at metals – the pros and cons. 


The temptation to buy silver rings is great – the lowest cost among jewelry metals. You should understand that behind the low cost, silver is a very soft metal, and since it is almost pure alloy (92.5%), its durability is terrible – the metal easily crumples and rubs off. A silver engagement ring with a fine pattern on it will lose the pattern in a couple of years. At the same time, silver is an allergen for some people. There aren’t many of them, but it’s there. It happens with gold as well, but with silver more often. Have you noticed that silver earrings sometimes hurt to wear? There, in the depth of the earlobe, the contact with the silver is maximum, the body starts to rebel and become inflamed. Hence the discomfort. If you want to save money when buying a ring, you may want to consider easy financing engagement rings at Luxury Diamonds or other stores.

In some religions there are rules that in a pair of rings, one should be silver and the other should be gold. However, many companies try not to make engagement rings out of silver and discourage their clients in every possible way. So if you are looking for vancouver engagement rings, silver is justified only in three cases – loyalty to religious customs, personal love of silver, or when the ring is very simple. Buying to save money will only drain your money – in a couple of years the rings will be needed again. 


Gold is more interesting: it comes in several kinds and colors. Let’s look at it in order. 585 or 750? The higher the proof, the more pure gold in the alloy. In fact, this is the percentage of pure gold to other additives in the alloy. The 750 is 75% pure gold and the 585 is 58.5% pure gold. 750 gold, aka 18 carat is a more expensive and noble alloy. At the same time, it is softer than the 585, which is stronger and cheaper. It is obvious why 90% of rings are made of this alloy. But there are a couple of nuances. If you want a ring of yellow gold, the leader here is the 750th hallmark – its color is richer, brighter, because the gold itself, which gives a beautiful yellow color in the alloy. 

White gold looks the same in both samples, and by tradition, any white gold is covered with rhodium, as the gold itself has a slightly grayish hue. That is, in fact, you see not the color of gold, but the color of a thin film of rhodium. Conclusion – buying more expensive white gold 750 tests is relevant, if the issue of money is not acute. 

The color of the metal. Here, there is less practical advice – choose the color of the metal that you like. All of today’s colored gold alloys are of high quality, and the question is what you like best. You may also want to consider engagement rings rose gold band. White gold 585 is the most durable of all the gold alloys. But that’s if you’re at all bothered. Choose gold rings for your taste and purse. And treat them with care: gold, whatever it is, is a rather soft metal. It’s not steel or titanium, and it scratches when it comes into contact with hard metals. 


Platinum is tops in jewelry metals. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s not much more expensive than 750 gold right now. Very durable, strong, noble. Zero cases of allergies. And how wonderful the diamonds are in platinum! Platinum is the ideal metal for wedding rings of today’s successful people, and yet it is worthy of being passed down through the heirlooms and into family heirlooms. Rhodium plating helps to get rid of allergies to any metal. Rhodium is a relative of platinum, and all platinoids are highly hypoallergenic, and combined with the highest strength among jewelry metals, rhodium is an excellent protective material for the surface of jewelry. Plus it has a pure cool white color with high reflectivity. In short, it shines cool. It makes sense to rhodium coat silver and gold. So you have the opportunity to buy unique classy engagement rings.

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